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THE PERCENTAGES TELL THE TRUTH! Just in case you are one of those student athletes who think your athleticism will get you into a good school without the grades. The percentages don't lie!! ... See MoreSee Less

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NAVY SEAL BRINGS DISCIPLINE TO SACRAMENTO - Retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink inspired a packed house today at Sacramento based, Alpine Mortgage - GET FOCUSED EVENT!

With more than 1,000 people in attendance including The Honor Group Founders, Mark Soto and Gold Star Mother, Patty Schumacher. The Navy SEAL calmly and directly educated the crowd about his Navy SEAL experience and how this training assisted him in leading his men through the 2006 securing of Ramadi, Iraq.

The Navy Seal received two standing ovations as he opened up about how he led SEAL Task Unit Bruiser in the 2006 Battle of Ramadi — some of the toughest and most sustained combat by the SEAL Teams since Vietnam.

He educated the people in attendance about the "Laws of Combat" and how "Discipline Equals Freedom". His book; 'Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALS Lead and Win' is a must read and it was great having the opportunity to meet and learn from this american hero!
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AWESOME.... All branches included! #givehonor ... See MoreSee Less

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