Educating students, coaches, and communities about the needs of our Military Veterans.

Help Provide a service dog to a veteran in need!

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P.T.S.D. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an insidious debilitating disorder, that knows no bounds. It can manifest itself in a wide myriad of symptoms from hyper-vigilance, irritability, insomnia, self medication, nightmares, survivors guilt, isolation, lack of feelings, avoidance to mention a few. Service animals are in essence shadow guardians or silent companions. They have the ability to cue in on the most basic subtle physiological changes such as increased heart rate, nightmares, etc. As a result these incredible companions not only provide comfort and love but they are often times capable of signaling or reacting prior to friends, family, colleagues pick up on triggers. Many are capable of turning on lights or alerting at the earliest time to stop the cycle or spiral. At the most basic human need they provide a sense of security and the ultimate of unconditional love!

The Honor Groups mission is to educate students, coaches and communities about the needs of our military Veterans. The Honor Groups mantra is educate, empower and equip - service dogs are a vital part of equipping or by providing a life altering resource or lifeline to those who are in need, suffering and qualify for such a valuable resource. As the Executive Director, I'd like to personally issue a challenge to everyone - get involved with various Veteran's organizations, if possible give a tax deductible donation and always, always recognize those who have served with a handshake and attitude of gratitude! Together, we, can make a difference - today and everyday.

Thanks be to our Veterans who have given and continue to give towards our mission and everyone who holds them near and dear in your heart. Thank you to our sponsors ABC10, Westhaven Solar, Bonney Plumbing, New Life Community Church, Riddell Sports, Nike, FoxSports West, D1Bound, High School Football America, EPIC Insurance and all the great coaches and schools across this great nation who believe in our cause and have locked arms with us to help us continue our mission. We love you!

God Bless You. God Bless America and Happy Independence Day!

Mark "Coach" Soto
Executive Director
The Honor Group
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