Candle in the Window – All Branches of the Military

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These memorial candles have been specifically dedicated to honor the valor of those who so selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, our safety and our freedom.

It is our hope that the constant burning of these “Candles Across America” brings comfort to the families and friends of our fallen while showing that they are always in our hearts and in no way ever forgotten.


The Manufacturer’s Story

After a family’s son and brother was being deployed again in multiple back to back tours, they began to burn a candle in honor of their family members safe return. Upon taking him to the airport they shared another pep talk and “see you later.” When they returned home, they immediately lit their candle and kept the candle burning day/night. As the little flame lit their home, it brought a tremendous sense of peace and reassurance for his safe return. This little candle gave them a constant source of strength as well as a vigil of pride, love of country and reminder of the sacrifice he and many others have chosen to make.

As they began meeting the families and friends of our fallen heroes it became a part of their mission to bring this light of comfort to all those who were in need of this source of strength.

“The candle in the window” has been a part of our country since colonial times. It has always represented the loyalty and love for a family member or endeared friend that is away from home.

We now invite you to join us in lighting these candles.

The Candle in the Window is available for all branches of the military. Please select form one, five or ten candles sets. You will choose the branch of the military you want on the checkout page.

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