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The Honor Bowl

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2 weeks ago

The Honor Group

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Rest in piss, war criminal.

National war criminal day.

Thank you for your sacrifice and service.

If he sees his shadow he goes back into his hole, if he doesn't he climbs to the top of the New Orleans dome then claims to have shot 30 looters

Rest in piss

Jim,Tyler.Tristan,Ghoul why would you say the things you did.This man served his country. And left behind a family What hate full things to say

Thank you for your service and for our freedom <3

Rest in peace Legend

You guys still don't realise you're the bad guys now do you?

Rest in peace Kyle, such a shame.

Rest in peace Chris and thank you for your service to this counrty

Rest In Peace.

Never Forgotten 🙏❤️🇺🇸

True American Hero!! RIP Legend!! Bless all our Troops!! And F all the haters!!!

I just read the comment by Tristan Smith below and read the says that 22 vets a day are committing suicide! I wonder if the MIC is doing some kind of experiment that makes them "Manchurian Candidate Super Soldiers" That will do the things this guy has done and maybe use them in black-ops projects and afterward so they have no loose ends, they flick the self destruct switch...or they get "suicided" by another soldier or mercenary??

So how, exactly, was he protecting the US by being a government robot???

May he forever rest in peace surrounded by good company. Fallen hero's are never forgotten 🙏🇨🇱🇺🇸

This is for you Rudy i do not need to prove my God is real the Bible says so look around you Rudy.God is real. If you do not believe in Him and repent of your sir are lost ready your Bible and you will find your answere is there

Asshat deserved it change my mind

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2 weeks ago

The Honor Group

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