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The Honor Bowl is 'more than just a football game!"


6 days ago

The Honor Group

A BOLD STATEMENT?? Since when is it BOLD to practice patriotism. This is what it looks like each year when Coach Soto arrive's at the Honor Bowl!!

The Kansas City Chiefs
Anthony Sherman makes a BOLD entrance at Chiefs Camp.
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GREAT FOR HIM !! HE's All American...Be Proud ..

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4 weeks ago

The Honor Group

Never forget the cost for our independence and freedom (read below):INDEPENDENCE DAY: This is an extremely rare photo of Marines in Iwo Jima carrying the flag up Mount Saribachi. Most of you know the history making flag raising picture that resulted after the climbing of this hill. Many in this photo did not survive the war. We are the land of the FREE because of the BRAVE. Tomorrow, celebrate the 4th, celebrate America and raise a toast to these brave men who gave us what we have today... #FREEDOM!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Never forget the cost for our independence and freedom (read below):

1 month ago

The Honor Group


Aerospace World
Open link to view another video of heli landing on ship deck in the Rough sea:
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